Pom Pom Rainbow Craft For St. Patrick’s Day (Free Printable)

st patricks day pompom craft

Today we decided to make a pom pom rainbow for St. Patrick’s Day! It’s a super easy craft that involves lots of skills that kids should practice.

st patricks day pompom craft

You will need red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple little pom poms to do this activity.  You’ll also want to get some gold sequins and a black marker.

rainbow printable coloring page

You will also need this free printable rainbow coloring page or you can hand-draw it yourself like I did! :)

st patricks day pompom craft

Tell the kids what order the colors go in and have them spread out the pom poms on that line.

st patricks day pompom craft

You can either have them just set them on the sheet or glue them to keep the craft.


Add some gold sequins to the pot and color it black with marker. If you want you can have the kids color in the rainbow first and then put the pom poms. So cute!

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