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Christmas Napkin Decoupage Candles



  • Start by opening up the napkin and measuring the height of the candle. You will want to factor in the extra rim around the tops too. Cut and set aside. (Optional: take off the second layer of the napkin, I did it the first time and it ripped easily though)
  • Apply mod podge around the entire candle and top rim.
  • Put a piece of plastic wrap down on the table and place the napkin upside down on top of it.
  • Line up the bottom of the candle to the napkin in the middle. Smooth the napkin sides up over the candle and use the plastic wrap to get some texture/ press down the rim.
  • Carefully unwrap the plastic wrap and let it sit on it until it dries (2-3 hours at least).
  • Squirt glitter glue on a plate and use a paintbrush to dab it on the places you'd like. Let dry.
  • Turn on the switch and enjoy!


You can seal the candles with mod podge or use a blow dryer and melt the wax a bit to make the napkin adhere to the candle.