Bunny Peep Puffy Paint Easter Craft for Kids

Make this puffy paint peep craft with your kids! It is very fun to make and is pretty easy for younger kids to do! Note that your kids will probably get a little messy but it’s worth it to make this adorable Easter art project :)


Don’t you just want to eat them?! (Kidding, they are definitely NOT edible!)


You will need paint, a paintbrush, white elmers glue, shaving cream, a black sharpie and this free peep coloring page!




Mix half glue and shaving cream together on a plate. Add some food coloring or paint (we used acrylic and it didn’t dry very “puffy”) to the mixture. Have the kids take their paintbrush and fill up the whole bunny inside the black lines.


Make sure you tell the kids it’s suppose to be puffy like a real peep! (Don’t smooth it out on the paper)


So here’s what the peeps looked like when they were wet…


…and the next day they looked like this!


The yellow bunny used Crayola washable paint and it kind of dried “cracked” while the pink bunny used acrylic paint which turned out pretty flat. I recommend using food coloring! :) If you want you can glue on a face afterwards!

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