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Fingerprint Easter Egg Decorating for Kids

Can’t decide how to decorate your Easter eggs this year? Have fun with your kids by making fingerprint easter eggs! We made a bunny, chick, and carrot on top of recycled toilet paper rolls! Very cheap to make (the acrylic paint was 50 cents a bottle at Walmart!)


You will need acrylic paint, hard boiled eggs, a toilet paper roll, scrapbook paper, a paintbrush, and colored sharpies.



Start by cutting a toilet paper roll into 1-2 inch slits and set the eggs on top.


Have kids dip their fingers in the paint and make the body of the chick, bunny, and the carrot.


Once the fingerprints are dry, grab some colored sharpies and add the chick’s legs, wings, eyes, and beak. For the carrot, take a green sharpie and make the green part.


Take a little paintbrush with white paint and dab it on the bunny’s bottom to make it look like a fluffy tail. Cut up some scrapbook paper and glue it around the toilet paper rolls to make pretty little egg holders!


Little does my husband know, these little guys are sitting in my fridge waiting to surprise him for breakfast :)

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