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Carrot Shamrock Stamping for St. Patrick’s Day

Carrots you say?! Yes! We tried making shamrocks from baby carrots today! It actually worked very well and they turned out adorable! You must use a knife/peeler so you might want to prep this craft before hand. It is great for a St. Patrick’s Day craft!


These could be great to make a St. Patty’s card!


You will need a carrot, knife, potato peeler, green paint, a tiny paintbrush, and a piece of paper.


Start by cutting the end of the carrot off making a smooth surface. Angle a knife to cut an upside-down “triangle” shape out.


Take a peeler and smooth out the top and the sides to make it look more like a heart.


Have the kids dip the carrot in the green paint and press it hard against the paper.


Show them how to make a shamrock shape (stamping 3 times to make the leaves)


Take a tiny paintbrush and make shamrock stems! So cute.

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