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DIY: Easy Corn Craft For Kids Using Real Popcorn

 kids corn craft using popcorn
While babysitting a 2 and 3 year old we decided we wanted to do an art project! They had popcorn for a snack that day and had plenty of leftovers. I got the idea to make a corn stalk using the pieces! This was great for their age group because they got to be involved gluing the kernels on. If you’re bored, this is definitely a cheap and easy kids craft to do! :)
materials needed for corn craft
Materials Needed:
-Glue stick/ Glue bottle
-Green and yellow paper
cut corn for the craft
Cut a corn shape out of the yellow construction paper.
draw corn on the cobb for kids craft
Draw lines horizontal and vertical with a orange marker.
corn stalk kids art project
Cut the husk part out of green paper. It can be any shape you want!
glue popcorn on the corn
Put dots of glue big enough for the popcorn to stick all over the corn.
kid gluing popcorn onto the corn stalk craft
Have the kiddos stick pieces of popped popcorn onto the glue dots (she had so much fun!)
easy fun corn popcorn craft for kids
Glue some popcorn seeds randomly on the project to finish it! So cute!
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