Easter Egg Potato Stamping Craft for Kids

Got any potatoes going bad? We did so we thought we’d try to make Easter egg potato stamps! It actually turned out great and could be used to make homemade Easter cards, etc.


Try different designs!


You will need a potato, a knife, paint, and a piece of paper.



Obviously an adult needs to cut the potato with the knife! :) I saw this craft somewhere else and they had cute squiggly and wavy lines…did not happen. Lol! Straight lines were the easiest and they still turned out cute.


…then we wanted to try zig-zags and that worked good too! Just slice lines on both sides and angle the knife to cut that piece off.


Dip the potato in the paint and stamp really hard against a piece of paper!

Zig Zag Easter Eggs



I got talked into trying to make zig zag designs and it wasn’t THAT bad I guess!


For this one just have a couple tiny paintbrushes for kids to paint each zig zag a different color.


How cute for Easter!

Check out how we made a bunny and a chick too! :)

bunny-potato-stamp-craft potato-chicks

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    Just wanted to say that we love your blog and selected your craft as part of our Easter Round Up. This is a great craft for the kids, and one that can be used in the homes but also in our classrooms. Thanks for the quick and easy idea!

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