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Funny Spatula Father’s Day Gift Idea

If your dad is a grill master, consider getting him a new fancy spatula to use! The best part is you can give it to him for a Father’s Day gift and include a clever tag to make him smile! Think of all the phrases you can come up with use the word “flippin'” …just like he’s going to be doing with his burgers! ;)


You will need a nice grilling spatula, white cardstock paper, ribbon, scissors, and black marker.


Start by cutting a rectangle out of the white paper and snip off two corners to make a tag. Use a paper punch to make a hole and string a ribbon through.

funny-spatula-fathers-day-gift-idea- funny-spatula-fathers-day-gift-idea

Tie a bow and write a funny message such as “Hope you have a great flippin’ father’s day!” or “You’re Flippin’ awesome!” or “Dad, I flippin’ love you!”

Your dad or grandpa will just FLIP for this! haha…had to do it.

Here’s another funny gift for dad, a beer glass filled with candy and marshmallows!


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