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Groundhogs Day Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids

groundhog toilet paper roll craft

Groundhogs Day is coming up so I thought we would make a craft for it! All you need is a empty toilet paper roll, white/brown/green construction paper, a black sharpie, scissors, and glue. I think this little groundhog turned out pretty cute! He is ready to see his shadow!

groundhog craft for kids
Start by cutting a big heart out of brown paper for the face, as well as two ears. Then cut a tiny white heart for the groundhog’s teeth and two oval eyes.
groundhog toilet paper roll craft
Glue the pieces on like the photo above. (I LOVE the teeth LOL!)
groundhog craft for kids
Grab a black sharpie to draw a heart nose, six whiskers and pupils on the eyes.
groundhog toilet paper roll craft
Next you will need a recycled toilet paper roll and a thin piece of green paper. All I had was this neon green but it worked!
groundhog toilet paper roll craft
Glue the green strip of paper around the top of the TP tube about an inch down. Have the kids use a scissors and cut slits all around the paper to make green grass.
Tape the groundhog to a popsicle stick or do like we did and use a piece of paper taped over a pipe cleaner. After that, pop him in the hole! :)
groundhogs day toilet paper roll craft
The kids love this art project because they can make the groundhog go up and down!

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