Scarecrow Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kid’s (Halloween & Fall Idea!)

Here’s a fun fall/Halloween craft for kids! You can make a scarecrow out of recycled empty toilet paper rolls! It was very easy to make and you can customize it anyway you’d like. I would definitely redo the hat next time because the red glitter star did NOT turn out LOL! That’s okay because the kiddos liked to play with our little scarecrow anyways.
Materials Needed:
Scotch Tape/Glue
Start with 2 empty toilet paper rolls and cut one into a hat. The other one will be the scarecrows body. Tape yellow strips of paper to the hat to make it look like straw hair.
Make a face out of a white paper and draw his mouth, nose, and eyes. Tape this to the hat and to the original toilet paper roll. Cut out a “H” with blue paper as this will be the scarecrows jeans overalls!
Tape the overalls on leaving the top open for the arms. Cut a orange triangle out of paper and tape it around the scarecrow’s neck.
Decorate the hat with some glitter and add some pockets with black marker to the overalls.
There you have a fun scarecrow craft! I hope you enjoy and make with your own kids for this fall season.
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