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Wine Cork Shamrock Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

Shamrocks are always hard to draw for kids so try making this wine cork shamrock craft with them! It is super easy and cheap to make for a St. Patrick’s Day card or just for fun.



You will need green paint, a tiny paintbrush, tape, and 3 wine corks.


Start by aligning the three wine corks so that they make a flat top, then tape them together. I used washi tape just because it was green but it really didn’t stick too well!


Paint the flat part of the wine corks green, or have the kids dip them from a plate. Stamp the corks against a piece of paper and push really hard.


Add some shamrock stems with the little paintbrush to finish them off!

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  1. Oly says

    This project seems great! I want to do it tomorrow but does is there an idea to add a stem to the corks so i can be an all-in-one print?

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