Apple Shamrock Stamp Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

Here’s another genius shamrock craft idea for kids! You can make an apple stamp that is super easy and cheap to make. It’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!


We made shamrocks with two different kinds of apples.


You will need an apple, knife, green paint, construction paper, and a paper towel.


Start by cutting the apple right down the middle and pick out the little seeds.


Paint one half of the apple with the green paint, or you can have the kids dip it on the plate.


Have the kids stamp the apple against the paper REALLY hard so the paint goes on good. Have them do it three times to make a shamrock shape.


Grab a paintbrush and add a stem coming out from the bottom with green.


Here’s another shamrock we made but with a taller red apple. Which one looks better to you?

Thanks to The Chocolate Muffin Tree for the awesome idea!

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