DIY Swan Paper Plate Craft For Kids

paper plate craft swans
Start with a white paper plate, scissors, glue, one googly eye, and a small piece of orange paper.
diy swan paper plate craft
Start by cutting from the edge of the middle part of the plate. Go all the way over until you get to the textured part. Then you will follow the line around until you get back to the beginning. Keep that extra piece you cut off!
swan paper plate craft for kids
About an inch above the cut, round the end of the plate. Cut a triangle out of the orange paper and glue it to the back for the beak. Glue on a googly eye.
swan paper plate craft
To make the wing part, take the first extra piece of plate and cut slits in it. Round it off on the bottom and glue it to the plate. There you have a beautiful swan art project!
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