Salt Fireworks Craft for Kids

If you have some salt and food coloring, have your kiddos make some firework art projects for the 4th of July! It’s super easy and turns out pretty cool!


You will need salt, food coloring, black paper, straw/dropper, and a bottle of glue.


Start by having kids draw on the black paper with the glue bottle. Then shake some salt all over the glue making sure it covers all of it.


Mix water with blue and red food coloring and grab a small straw. Pick up some water and drop it over the salt lines, you can also use a water dropper but I didn’t have one. The water will pool up but just let it dry overnight to wake up to cool looking raised fireworks!

I would of showed you the final product of the previous one but I was dumb and shook off the water and ruined it so DON’T do that! :)

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  1. Robyn Ferrier says

    Just wondering, do u do everything while the glue is still wet? Or put salt on, let it dry, then do food colouring?

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