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The Grinch Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Craft For Kids

grinch christmas toilet paper roll craft
In honor of Christmas, we decided to make a character that is pretty well known…THE GRINCH! I think this is my favorite toilet paper roll craft for kids so far. It makes me laugh every time I look at it, or maybe it’s just my horrible art skills that is funny ;) This would be a great art project around the holidays to do and i’d probably recommend ages 5 and up. Some of the cutting parts can be frustrating like the Grinch’s hands!
Materials Needed:
-Toilet Paper Roll
-White Glitter
Wrap a piece of red construction paper around the toilet paper roll and glue it.
grinch craft for kids face
Sketch a drawing of the Grinch’s face. I kind of did the outline of a three leaf clover lol! Make sure there is a bump on top so you can glue the red hat to it.
Cut out two red arms and two green hands. I chose this pose because a lot of pictures have him doing it. Just bend the ends of the red arm pieces and glue to the side of the toilet paper tube.
Cut out two feet that look like green beans, haha! Then fold the end and tape it to the inside on the bottom.
grinch toilet paper tube craft for kids
Glue places where the white shows such as the hat, arms, and around his neck. I then sprinkled with white glitter to make it shimmer!
the grinch toilet paper roll craft for kids
There you have your cute little Grinch to spoil Christmas with!
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