Q-tip Shamrock Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

If you are looking for an EASY St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids, this one is for you! We made a Q-tip shamrock craft today! It was frustration-free and turned out very cute for a homemade St. Patty’s day card.


Did I mention how frugal this craft is?!


You will need a q-tip, paper, green paint, and a tiny paintbrush to make this.


Start by having the kids dip the end of their q-tip into the green paint.


Tell them to make a “triangle” shape by pressing down on the paper or show them an example first. Kids will cover the whole paper with shamrocks if you let them!


Take a small paintbrush and have them draw tiny lines coming out from the bottom of the shamrock leaves. That’s it! Let dry and you have a cute shamrock art project!

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