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Toilet Paper Roll Castles {Craft Idea For Kids}

toilet paper roll castles
We had a lot of left over toilet paper rolls in the house so we decided to make some toilet paper roll castles! It’s an easy craft but also requires some supervision if you decide to use scissors.
toilet paper roll castles
Start by cutting the top with an X-Acto knife (obviously a parent will need to do this part!) We used this knife because we could get a straighter edge than a scissors could.
cut toilet paper roll castles
You can cut doors, windows, or any other structure you want!
paint toilet paper roll castles
Pick out two color paints and have the kids cover the entire toilet paper roll.
kids craft toilet paper roll castles
After the paint dries you can add glitter, stickers, gems, foam, etc to decorate your beautiful castles!
toilet paper roll castles craft for kids
After you make your castles you can put your finger puppets in them! (thats what the kids did hehe)
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