Mini Whole Wheat Pancake Muffins Recipe


Have you ever heard of making pancake muffins?! They are so easy to make and the toppings are unlimited. Next time I think we’ll try cinnamon raisin, maple bacon, or banana nut! These are perfect for your kids at breakfast time. Husband approved as well! Whole Wheat Pancake Batter Recipe 2 cups whole wheat flour […]

Splatter Flower Craft using a Toothbrush


Here’s a simple but fun activity to do with your kiddos – SPLATTER FLOWERS! It can get messy so definitely put down some tablecloths or newspaper first :-) Materials Needed: Pom poms Green pipe cleaners Paper Paint Toothbrush Start by cutting out flower shapes on white card stock paper. Have the kids dip their toothbrush […]

Celery Stamped Owl Craft for Kids


I pulled my bag of celery out of the fridge and it was in the stage of starting to wilt. I cut off two pieces and sure enough they made the perfect owl feather stamp! Perfect for kids to make at any age! Materials Needed: Brown paint Celery Paper Sharpie Glue/Scissors   Cut out the […]

Pretty Dandelion Craft Ideas


Dish Brush Dandelion- Grab your old dish scrubber for a craft! Fingerprint Dandelion Craft- Use your pinky finger to make the seeds on a dandelion. Fork Print Dandelions- Who knew a fork prints could look like one? Cotton Ball/Q-Tip Dandelions- This is adorable for the kids to make! Watercolor Dandelions- This is a very beautiful […]

Fantastic Kids Crafts Using Cereal


It’s breakfast timeĀ and your kiddos drop half their bowl of cereal on the floor. Instead of throwing them away, put them to good use by making cereal kids crafts! Here are my favorite ideas that use cheerios, fruit loops, kix, and honey comb! Click on the links below the photos to get directions on how […]

Paint Chip Bunny Craft for Kids


Grab some free paint chip samples at your local hardware stores to make some fun bunny art! This is a cute idea for Spring or Easter and hardly costs a cent to make! Materials Needed: Paint chips Scissors Bunny cookie cutter (optional) Sharpie Glue Scrapbook paper Start by tracing the outline of a bunny onto […]