Mike and Ike Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

With Halloween coming very soon, it's more than likely that you'll have an overload of candy to deal with. If you have any Mike and Ikes, you can make an adorable turkey craft with your kids! I think these are perfect to put on a homemade Thanksgiving card or even make them into magnets. Materials Needed: Mike and Ike Candy Glue/ Scissors Brown, Click to read more [...]

Colorful Handprint Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

I came across this beautiful handprint turkey craft on Instagram today from Jessica and I LOVED it! I see a lot of handprint turkey art projects but this one uses a lot of colors which makes it unique. Kids of any age can do this craft including toddlers and preschoolers! Great Thanksgiving idea! Materials Needed: Colored Washable Paints Black Click to read more [...]

Handprint Ninja Turtle Craft for Kids

Ninja turtles are all the craze lately with the kids so I thought we would make some handprint ninja turtles! The kids can choose any one they want with the colored masks. Hand print art is always fun for a keepsake! Materials Needed: Washable green and pink paint Paintbrush Yellow, purple, or orange paper Scissors / Glue Black Sharpie Googly Click to read more [...]

Football Turkey Craft for Kids to Make

I don't do too many crafts that boys would enjoy to make so we decided to make a football turkey! Instead of regular paper feathers, they are little footballs.  I think it turned out really cute and it wasn't too hard to make. If you do this with younger kids you can make a template so they can trace and cut it out themselves.   Materials Needed: Brown, Click to read more [...]